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a new horizon of traditional Japanese dance

Video Streaming : 2,500yen

ordering   2023/4/27~2023/5/6
viewing    2023/4/28~2023/5/7

Japanese traditional performing arts × Myth × Bach × Butoh

Japanese Buddhist temples

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The fascinating collaboration along the theme of the ancient love story

A beautiful lady called “Kiyo-hime” fell in love with a young priest Anchin.

Her love was so fierce that it transformed herself into a big dragon to haunt him,

and eventually burnt down the temple bell which Anchin hid himself into.

In Japanese theatre, this tragic yet also enchanting tale is as popular today as it ever was.

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Shodai-ji temple
Shodai-ji temple
Shodai-ji temple
Shodai-ji temple
Shodai-ji temple
Shodai-ji temple

2023/03/29(Wed.)at Shodai-ji Temple

      14:30~/18:30~(only a few seats available) 

  ※Doors open 30 minutes before the show.

address: 4-23-1 Harue-cho, Edogawa City, Tokyo

10 minute walk from Ichinoe Station (A0 or A1 EXIT)

Chosen-ji temple
Chosen-ji temple
Chosen-ji temple
Chosen-ji temple
Chosen-ji temple

2023/03/30(Thu.)at  Chosen-ji Temple

14:30~(sold out)/18:30~(only a few seats available)

※Doors open 30 minutes before the show.

address: 6-18-4, Higashi-Ueno Taito City, Tokyo

7 minute walk from Inari-cho Station (EXIT 3)


Ticket(tax included)

In Advance:2500yen  

On The Door:3,000yen 

✴︎No "On The Door" ticket for matinee at Chosen-ji Temple(03/30 14:30~).

✴︎"On The Door" ticket will be sold from 30 minutes before the show. 

Video Streaming : 2,500yen

ordering  2023/4/27~2023/5/6
viewing    2023/4/28~2023/5/7

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines


To ensure the safety of our all guests, performers and staff, we have implemented COVID-19 infection prevention measures. Please read through the guideline below before your visit.

We kindly ask for your cooperation in the following infection prevention measures.

1, Please refrain from visiting the Theatre if any of the following applies:

- Your body temperature measures over 37.5℃ (99.5℉) or significantly higher than your normal temperature.
- You are experiencing symptoms such as coughing or sore throat.
- You have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

No cancel fee is required in the above cases. Please send us an e-mail ( before the show.

2, We ask all visitors to wear a mask, including for those vaccinated.


3, We appreciate your cooperation in hand disinfection at the enterance.


4, Please refrain from eating in the temple.


5, Please refrain from waiting outside the stage doors to meet the performers, making backstage visits, and bringing gifts.

Directed by Mitsuru Tamatsuka

Produced by Tama Pro

Cooperated with Shodaiji-temple, Chosenji-temple, and MUSICAI

Supported by Arts Council Tokyo

(Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

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