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MLTT annual meeting 2022

Members Only


2022年4月23日 20:00 JST


【MLTT annual meeting 2022】




Chairperson and Voting Method

1. 議長と書記の選任


1. Chairperson and Secretary

Chairperson ought to be elected by all participants

※attendees only

2. 議決方法について



2. Voting

Voting will be conducted as same as last year.

First of all, we listen to each other's opinions and search for a third plan that both sides can agree on. If it is still not possible to meet the agreement of all the participants, it will be put on hold as much as possible. Matters that cannot be withheld shall be decided by majority vote.


議事第1号議案 【団体名および定款変更申請の件】

Our organization’s name in Japanese and articles

1. 団体名の変更について


1. Our organization’s name in Japanese

Due to the prolonged Covid-19, it has become difficult to participate in the Minami-Otsuka Shoten-gai. Considering that the originally planned executive committee format is no longer viable, we will discuss on the name of the organization in Japanese “マルチンガル演劇実行委員会Multilingual Theater Executive Committee”.

We will look into the possibility and the benefits of unifying the group's English name “Multi-lingual Theater Tokyo" as our official name.

2. 定款変更申請について


2. Amendment of articles

We will discuss on the initial enrollment fees and membership fees.

第2号議案 【2022年度及び2023年度の事業計画書承認】

The annual plan 2022-2023

Pass: musicai2023

第3号議案 【2022年度及び2023年度の活動予算書承認】

The income and expenditure budget 2022-2023

Pass: musicai2023

第4号議案 【2022年度から2023年度にかけての活動目標承認】

Our goals and solutions 2022-2023

1. 収益事業の開始


1, Re-start as a profitable organization

In order to conduct our activities (ex. Stage productions and workshops) more active and efficient, we will submit an application as a profitable business group. During this year, we will open our own bank account as well.

2. ブランディングの推進など



2. Branding and PR

・Transfer our official website to our own domain

・Make a shift schedule for our SNS (Facebook page mainly)

Please reply by 20/04/2022 23:59 (JST)


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